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Review of Renaissance's DVD from their 2011 concert at the Keswick Theatre on Septermber 23, 2011. (by: Anton Roolaart)

Not too long ago I got my hands on the Limited Edition DVD from Renaissance recorded during their 2011 tour, which was released by Symphonic Rock Recordings, LLC. The DVD features recordings made of their concert at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA on September 23, 2011. I'll start off by describing the DVD packaging which I must point out is very beautiful. The cover and design art was done by Annie Haslam and Laura Gardner and has images from two of their popular albums. Inside the package I found three discs and the package itself is filled with artwork painted by Annie and photographs. There is also a 12 page booklet that contains some words from Michael and Annie and the rest of the booklet has various pictures from the band and the tour. As I opened up the DVD, the first thing I noticed is a wonderful picture of Annie and Michael with a background painting from Annie. The booklet is filled with beautiful pictures of the band, including a larger picture (2-page) of the band on stage at the Keswick with a beautiful stage background of stars in the night sky. I also came across two audio CDs (mastered by Rave Tesar) from the concert in addition to the DVD itself. The quality of the DVD is very good. Oh, I should mention that after some 40+ years, the band members currently are: Annie Haslam on lead vocals, Michael Dunford on acoustic guitar (also the main songwriter for the band) - both who are more or less the original members of the band (Annie didn't join the band until after a few years), Rave Tesar on keyboards, David J. Keys on bass, Jason Hart on keyboards, and Frank Pagano on drums.

The performances on the DVD are divided into two Acts entitled "Turn of the Cards" and "Scheherazade and Other Stories" which features songs from these popular Renaissance albums. The DVD also has a clip with a candid conversation with Annie and Michael, which was recorded just before the show. So, I put the DVD into my DVD player and the first track of Act I starts with piano notes from the well known tune "Running Hard". As the song develops Annie Haslam walks on stage and the beauty of her lovely voice takes center stage. This is followed by the tune "I think of you" and one takes immediate notice of the beautiful stage background behind the band which is filled with stars in the night sky. This is followed by the tunes "Things I don't understand", "Black Flame", "Cold is Being", and "Mother Russia" - one of my favorites!. Throughout these songs the band performs flawlessly and Annie's voice shines as never before. I should also mention that all members of the band assist with singing as well, and yes it comes across very well. On to Act II, which starts off with the well known tune "Trip to the Fair". Followed by "Vultures Fly High", "Ocean Gypsy", "Song of Scheherazade" and a newer tune from Renaissance entitled "The Mystic and the Muse".

I have to say that I really like the songs for this concert DVD. The audience was into the performance as well. Annie's voice is immaculate as I remember her from the 70's. As I eluded to earlier, the two acts are followed by a third clip with some words from Annie and Michael where they talk about their loyal fans, they also talk about the tour and mention that the band will be working on a new studio album which will be called: Grandine il Vento. What stood out for me watching this concert was the superb performance of the entire band, which was captured in one beautiful performance. I took the time and listened to the two audio CDs which were mastered by Rave Tesar and the quality is very good. These were immediately added to the playlists at and can be requested online at our web site.

All in all, this is a very nicely done DVD featuring the band as they are live on stage. I have seen Renaissance in concert several times and this was a delight to view on a Sunday evening. I got the feeling I was there. I know I will be watching this DVD from time to time. Whether you have seen them live or not, this wonderful DVD/CD package is a great addition to anyone's music DVD collection !

The DVD can be purchased at the band's web site:


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