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TOTO - Falling in Between
(4.8 stars)
ADVENT - Cantus Firmus
(4.5 stars)
NEKTAR - Evolution
(4.3 stars)
SYN - Syndestructible
(4.5 stars)
ROINE STOLT - Wall Street Voodoo
(4.8 stars)
(3.5 stars)
LIQUID SCARLET - Liquid Scarlet
(3.2 stars)
RAIN - Cerculean Blue
(4.5 stars)
IZZ Concert
Franklin School House, Metuchen, NJ, March 11 2006
Nektar Concert
Morristown Community Center, March 3 2006
Joe's Public Theater, NYC, NY, January 9 2006
Van der Graaf Generator Book

The following criteria is used in reviews. Overall rating is a scale between 1-5 stars but there is a lot of rational behind the rating. Here are the parameters that are scored - Each on a scale of 1-10

  • Originality - Some things stand the test of time.. meaning the work is significant.
  • Composition - Pure musical quality is definitely key to any significant musical work. Not everything that is popular is good music
  • Lyrics - This is probably one of the the weakest areas for rock and popular music in general. Good meaningful lyrics are not that easy to come by.. But many progRock bands have made a difference... perhaps more then most other genres!
  • Virtuoso - This includes singers .. many times a key virtuoso is key pillars for some bands.
  • Screw the Stats - What the heck..even if it doesn't add up.. there is something there!!

To keep in mind all reviews will attempt to identify a target audience... such that the review will be in the context of whom it may appeal to. If a work is identified for "easy listening" a hard rocker will hate it no matter what.

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